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Woonti, is an application for people who are proficient and skilled in their area of expertise.
Professional Profile – a confirmation of your experience and skills.

A professional profile for a professional worker
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Ukraine flag We are currently in the process to start integration of the Ukrainian citizens with the work market.

How does Woonti work??

  1. You download our application or create an account at the Woonti website
  2. You set up a professional profile – this does not take much time
  3. Employers have access to your profile and your availabilty
  4. Once you set up your Woonti professional profile you will never need a CV again

Woonti Professional Profile

- Simple to set up
- An easy way to apply for job vacancies
- A quick and convenient way to search for a job - when you need it

Wide selection of professions

Choose up to 5 professions in which you are proficient

Job vacancies

You can apply for jobs that match your experience
You choose what you are best at

Innovation in recruitment

A new way to recruit professionals

You are one click away from a new job

When you are ready for your next role update the information so employers know you are available

A wide choice of work locations

Woonti lists employers from several countries – choose where you want to work

Download the application – you are one click away from your next job

Application for people who know their job!

You decide when and where you want to work!